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general Assembly
of the IFD

The General Assembly of the IFD has full competence for the realisation of the purposes of the IFD.

General Assemly

The General Assembly is solely responsible:

  • for the admission of full members, guest members and cooperation partners,
  • for the approval of the annual interim financial report submitted by the Secretary General on behalf of the Presidium
  • for the period since the last ordinary session of the General Assembly,
  • for the discharge of the Presidium on the proposal of the Control Committee, which examines the financial administration
  • for regularity every three years and submits a written report on this,
  • for the amendment of the statutes of the IFD,
  • for the dissolution of the IFD,
  • for the election of the Presidium,
  • for the election of the General Secretary on the proposal of the Presidium, the election of the Control Committee, consisting of two persons for a period of three years.

It shall exercise all functions insofar as they are not assigned by the statutes or by resolution of the members to another body of the IFD.

Become a member

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