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The Executive Board consists of the President as Chairman of the Executive Board and three equal members of the Executive Board.

The President represents the IFD internally and maintains contacts on its behalf with the leaders of other international organisations, in particular the craft sector. In all other respects the IFD is represented jointly by two members of the Executive Board. The Secretary General has power of representation according to § 30 BGB for the business of day-to-day administration. All four members of the Executive Board shall supervise special tasks. No two or more members may be on the Executive Board from the same full member.

The term of office of the President and the members of the Executive Board shall be three years each, commencing at the end of the Congress of election. The Executive Board shall remain in office until the next Executive Board is appointed in accordance with the Statutes. Members of the Executive Board may be re-elected, but not more than three times (12 years in total). The Executive Board itself shall determine how the responsibilities of the Executive Board members shall be distributed. 

Graeme Millar


Walter Bisig

Member of the Board

Dirk Bollwerk

Member of the Board

Armands Liede

Member of the Board

Henrik Mosegaard-Johansen

Member of the Board

Pascal Civati

General Secretary

Tasks of the board

The Board of Directors

  • implements the resolutions of the General Assembly
  • decides on the admission of partner members and scientific members
  • decides on the cooperation with other organisations, associations or companies and economically active companies
  • may establish and control its own economically active companies or societies of the IFD with the approval of the General Assembly
  • is the representative of the IFD in other organisations, associations or companies and economically active companies; the Executive Board is the supervisory board in its own companies
  • recommends, on the proposal of the General Secretary, the necessary adjustments in the budget in accordance with the provisions of the Financial Regulations
  • decides, on the proposal of the General Secretary, on the budgets of the individual work areas, for which joint responsibility is assumed in total
  • represents the IFD at meetings of other international organisations and at congresses, conferences and other events
  • may appoint the Secretary General or, if necessary, another suitable person to represent him/her
  • decides on the content and scope of research work and studies in accordance with the programme of activities drawn up by the General Assembly

The Executive Board itself determines how the areas of responsibility of the Executive Board members are distributed. The following areas of responsibility are to be filled:

  • Marketing
  • Education and training
  • Finance/Economics/Statistics
  • Technology

All meetings of the Board shall be attended without voting rights:

  • the Chairperson of the Assembly of Partner Members
  • the Secretary General


DThe Secretary General shall ensure the implementation of the decisions of the various bodies of the IFD. Between meetings of the Presidium, he shall inform the President on matters of essential importance concerning the activities of the IFD and the work of the General Secretariat. He carries out the tasks entrusted to him by the General Assembly as well as by the Presidency in the exercise of their functions and reports on the execution of his assignments to the bodies which have given them to him. He shall be responsible for preparing and conducting the meetings and sessions of the statutory bodies and the meetings and technical sessions of the commissions and ad hoc working groups with a special mandate. He shall conduct the day-to-day business of the IFD in liaison with the President.

In his capacity as Treasurer, the General Secretary shall have the following duties:

  • submit a draft annual budget to the Presidium in accordance with the provisions of the Financial Regulations
  • register the contributions and ensure that they are collected
  • administer the funds of the IFD
  • at the end of each financial year, submit to the Presidium a statement of the IFD’s income and expenditure
  • for the year and the annual accounts
    submit to the General Assembly at each ordinary session a financial report on the situation of the IFD during the period since the last ordinary session of the General Assembly

He shall exercise any other functions conferred on him by the Statutes of the IFD or arising from the management of the General Secretariat. On the proposal of the Secretary General, the General Assembly may appoint a Deputy Secretary General. On the proposal of the Secretary General, the Presidium may appoint Secretaries for special tasks (e.g. for technology, vocational training).


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