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Vanke Moya Town (Dalian City, Liaoning Province)


IFD-Award Einreichung Vanke Moya Town (Dalian City, Liaoning Province)

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Handan Wade New Building Materials Co., Ltd.

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8th floor, Block B, Fuyang East Street, Congtai District,

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Handan City, Hebei Province

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China National Building Waterproof Association

Projekt Beschreibung

Cross-Sea Bridge in Pudandian District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China. Inspired by the Andalusian region along the Mediterranean coast, it features a series of white seaside houses, embracing courtyards and encompassing the sky and earth. The project site is far from the main urban area and adjacent to the harbor, offering excellent ecological conditions. The buildings are all white, creating a seaside courtyard lifestyle where one can „listen to the tide in the morning and watch the sea at sunset.“ The aim is to create a rich space while protecting the environment, blending the vibrancy of the city center with the romantic charm of the bay, forming a humanized environment and living space filled with a romantic atmosphere. The Vanke Moya Town project covers an area of 57,000 square meters with a total construction area of approximately 123,000 square meters. The comprehensive plot ratio is 2.17, and the green coverage rate is around 35%. The project consists of villa residences, offering a comfortable and livable environment. In terms of planning and layout, the scale of each cluster is reasonably controlled, creating 15 clusters of varying sizes. The clusters are connected through a combination of main streets, alleys, and lanes, with a progressive spatial hierarchy, aiming to restore the experience of traditional residential spaces. Our main responsibility for this project is the design of the roofing system, selection of tiles, color coordination, optimization of roofing project details, construction guidance and support, and material supply.

Verwendete Produkte

Main Material Manufacturer: Handan Wade New Building Materials Co., Ltd. Handan Waiding New Building Materials Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, specializes in the research, design, production, sales, and construction services of slope roofing system materials. The company’s main product is concrete tiles, which are manufactured using fully imported Italian Vortex automated production equipment, with raw materials sourced from international brands such as Monier and Dow. The company’s products have received high acclaim within China. Main Materials: Snow White Flat Cement Tiles (420×330×30mm) Special wind-resistant clips, ridge tile wooden brackets, wall mounting clips, elastic flashing for joints, flashing gaskets. Special details * (through the wall pipe, joints, fasteners, etc.): 1. Wind-resistant clips: Due to the project’s coastal location and the steep slope of the roof, wind-resistant clips are used as concealed fastening measures for securing the tiles to the lower part of the tile body. 2、Junction of chimneys: Since the overall building is white, the junction between the tiles and chimneys is treated with white self-adhesive flashing rolls as waterproofing materials.


Vanke Moya Town (Dalian City, Liaoning Province)



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